The future of MMORPG botting

Hi everyone! I feel like discussing rather… abstract matter. Sorry in advance for poor English.

I’m a botter for about ten years. I started to bot for money in 2007, as soon as Burning Crusade addon for WoW was out. At first I was using Glider, then it was taken down in 2009, there were other bots, but it didn’t last for long anyway. My income has dropped from initial $3.9 per hour per window/character ($30 for 1000 WoW gold, 130 gold / hour) down to $0.6 ($3 for 1000 WoW gold, 200 gold / hour) in less than 3 years, so I decided it is not worth my time anymore. But, of course, another equally important reason to quit was Blizzard banning my toons every 1.5-2 months - I just grew tired of replacing banned accounts with new ones.

I took a year or so long break, then moved to another game - EVE Online. The same thing happened again, just this time it took 5 years for my incomes to drop from $1.8 per hour per toon ($20 for 1 bil EVE isk, 90 mil isk / hour) down to $0.44 ($4 for 1 bil EVE isk, 110 mil isk / hour); and again the thing which irritated me as much as game money devaluation was CCP (EVE creators) banning my accounts 2-6 weeks after creation, i.e. sometimes like 3 days after toon have started to bot (without even a single RMT transaction).

This time break was longer (well, I’ve earned more money), but the time to return came anyway. Now I want to know: what other botters think about perspectives of the “industry” of botting, genarally? Are CCP just some kind of exceptionally paranoid bastards, which created a completely unique “neural network”-algorithm to reveal botting characters by “patterns”, or such trick becomes rather common nowadays, so their “anti-bot robots” are going to make botting obsolete rather soon? I.e. what do you think: is there any point to start over at all (not necessarily using this exact bot)?