Structure of UITree

Hello fellas,
I managed to re-write some of the example memory reader to C++ (repo was called optimat).
I managed to get the following result: 1a1cce10 1a2158c81a1cce70 1a2158501a1cceb0 1a2159181a1ccef0 1a2157b01a1c -
The “names” are actually names of the types - not the objects themselves, I failed to extract these.

Basically, I managed to find the UITree PyObject, by enumerating for a type called UITree, which type is type. (Same as sanderling!)

Having that object, I am getting _childrenObjects from children (both are treated as Python Dictionaries).
Than, I preassume, that these are lists of PyObjects (more dictionaries, in fact…) and the loop strikes again - so I am getting _childrenObjects from children.

How, having these capabilities am I supposed to get values of certain stuff?
Like for example, If i wanted to read local, get nicknames and stuff.

Hopefully someoene will be willing to help,
Kind Regards,

There is a guide about this:

Player names from the chat can be read like this:

thats indeed what im trying to do - but there is no tp_name variable anywhere.

I did some searching, and found the tp_name here:

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Yeah, I managed to find some stuff.
For reference:
directories have variables called “_name”. Enumarating through children objects (children is a dic which has _childrenObjects - which is a dic) allows to list names of immediate children of such an object. Than its as simple as enumerating through and traversing through the UITree :slight_smile:

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