Starting development

Hi guys!

So I’m just started playing eve again and using a carrier to rat rn, im working as developer and was thinking I should use my knowledge to make a bot because I have less and less time to play.

I was reading the forum and as I see there is no carrier bot(public/broken) to work with and seen some post about its possible to make but kinda slow with A-bot and need own framework etc.

So basically where can I find stuff about how memory reading work and how to find stuff like I want to read what modul is in high slot than see when a cycle finish and make some interaction with it or should I start with A-bot and just rewrite it step by step?

PS.: I guess i need to use pixel reading too to know the bot where should it click.

Ty for all the advices

hi and welcome,
if you are an developer you should be able to get ideas from source code about how stuff is working, there is no documentation at all.

idk why people are so persistent about carrier ratting, it suxx not only from out-of-game perspective but mainly ingame.
Fighters are getting killed, you have to maintain them and refill them and indeed you need to supply them to your homebase on regular basis.

Anyway, A-bot can be used (and is used) for carrier ratting, thing is, that you have to change the way how it’s working → fighters need more parallel approach than subcaps, so you have to redo memory reading to be separated from actual command execution from bot to eve.

short story: there are working a-bot based carrier bots, at least i do have own prototype, but am not using it as it generally suxx to rat in carrier and on top of it you are way too visible and easily to be catched.

good luck, it’s not worth the time as 3vni’s will do better ticks for lower price

Welcome @PewPew94!

How to see when a module cycle is finished, and how to activate a module is described in this guide:

For those basic things, I can also recommend Terplas guide:

He also gives a good overview over the memory measurement.


well ty, later I think I will move to rorqual and mining, but now why I use carrier? because thats what I have and i love carriers.

I just downloaded the code and ye, i figure out the stuff even if i never do c#, just java,python but I think I’ll be fine.
I play a bit with the code and read forum, than maybe start a thread to post how i proceed.
Ty for help :slight_smile:

Pixel reading sucks! Memory reading FTW!

@PewPew94 any updates, I too am looking for a carrier bot for eve online. Would love to see one work that is public I would love you forever if you made one public and it worked! If it is private, I understand but if there is any way a young aspiring iskmaker like me could get his hands on it please PM me I would love to check it out, thanks!

Well sorry but I’m not really playing eve nowdays, I sold my carrier and hopped in a rorq, currently working on another project.