Standard mining bot problems

I have Sanderling v2019-05-13 and I am trying to use the standard miner bot. I’ve done the setup correctly I think. This includes updating of the overview tab name as a string. The Autopilot bot works well.

I dock at a station and hit start. The bot recognises initially says waiting for undock indefinitely. I manually undock. It finds Asteroid Belt, warps to them, finds asteroids but does no mining then it picks the next belt and warps straight to that.

What’s going wrong here.

Screen Layout
Session log

Welcome @ratbotter! :wave:

Thank you for the report.

You did everything right there. The undocking problem looks familiar to me (BotLab Devlog - #16 by Viir). I will look into this and get back to you.

To find out what is wrong, I need a screenshot of the game client in that moment where the bot picks the wrong action.
If the bot does not click where it should, we describe the problem using such a screenshot.

The screenshot you posted so far is from a different time right?

I’m also having a problem, the bot doesn’t seem to be able to move, it undocks fine, but then can’t seem to select anything past that, then if a warp to the belt it still can’t do anything, its trying, but can’t get there

it was working fine for a couple of days, but at this stage the bot has used more sanderling credits not mining than it has mining…

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and now its working fine… lol

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Welcome @joedirt!
Sorry to hear this caused you issues. I am working on making the detection of the menu entries where it should click on more robust.
Thank you for the update.

a couple of more things,
it got stuck for about 6 hours trying to unload from the ore hold into the hangar, couldn’t get the last bit out of the left hand side.

also sometimes it gets stuck trying to warp to the same belt if the belt is empty (usually the first belt it seems)

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Changed the inventory to list like i was suppose to :/:sweat_smile:

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Thank you @joedirt for sharing your observations!

As I understand it, this resolved the unloading ore problem you mentioned earlier.
So this leaves only one issue remaining:

At which stage did it get stuck? Was the menu entry to warp already on the screen?

So it will warp to the belt, find no asteroids and try to warp to the ‘next’ belt, but keeps trying to select the belt its already in, so the only option it has in the menu is ‘track’

I’ve moved to a bigger system that doesn’t seem to get any of it’s belts mined out to avoid the situation in the first place

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Thank you for the clarification. When I have a screenshot of the open menus in the game client, I can probably improve the bot to pick another asteroid belt when this happens.

you can add in inbeltsite func:

if(!(0 < ListAsteroidOverviewEntry?.Length))
return MainStep;

if you use the sample beginners-ore-asteroid-miner.cs :

change from

	if(null == asteroidOverviewEntryNext)
		Host.Log("no asteroid available");
		return null;


	if(null == asteroidOverviewEntryNext)
		Host.Log(" empty belt");
		return MainStep;

if you use Mine.ore.cs: you change the same thing


-Also downloaded latest mining bot from Viir. Did every step in guide and bot is working fine, but then again I have one little problem. When the bot warps to bookmark in mining belt, it lock up asteroid and start mining just fine, but after first cycle on both miners it says that cargo is full and starts warping back to unload. The only way I could avoid this was to pause bot and start it up again after second cycle of both miners.

This is my current setup:

  • Also is there a way to launch drones after warp in and scoop them back before warp out? I know nothing of coding so have no idea how to change anything because the source is github?

Thanks for any answer ^^.

-Edit: Well tested it again and it’s not true that it stops trying to warp back to unload cargo after second cycle, it actually stops after having 990/5000m3 loaded in my venture. then everything works fine again and after another loop (unload, undock) it does the same thing untill I have more than 990m3 in my ore hold.

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Welcome Jan, and thank you for the report!

Reading this, an idea: Maybe it fails to interpret the text which is displayed in the inventory capacity gauge. That threshold you mentioned is close to one thousand. I remember that the EVE Online client displays a thousand separator symbol which can depend on your setup.

Looking at the screenshot you linked, your setup seems to use a whitespace character for this separator.
The reference example texts we used so far for testing were coming from this thread (We assume the EVE Online client uses the same number format for distances (Overview) and capacity (Inventory):

From what I see in that thread is that the training data so far only cover the use of comma (,) as separator.
This seems also consistent with the training data of the current version of the EVE Online framework:

I cropped this interesting part from the screenshot:

The text I see there is:

4 999,8/5 000,0 m³

I don’t see this kind of number format covered yet in the training data. So it is not surprising if the mining bot cannot read this.

I added the training data to support your setup here: Support EVE Online setup as shared by Merizon · Viir/bots@4304ea7 · GitHub

You can use the adapted mining bot with this bot source: bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 4304ea7dfa7690f85eda0bb70823ab8b8800d4ed · Viir/bots · GitHub

After we successfully tested this version for some time, I made it the new default and integrated it in the guide explaining the mining bot.