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How i can split item?

Can you explain a little bit more what you want do?

For example, I have a 1000 metal parts. I need to make 250 in each

Splitting an Item in the Inventory

First of all, I am expecting there is already one inventory window open.

Here is my idea how to do this:

  • set shift key down
  • a delay as I am not sure if the eve client will pick it up as intended when key and mouse input are too close
  • drag the item to be splitted to a place in the list view that is appropriate to trigger the “Divide Stack” dialog.
  • a delay as I am not sure if the eve client will pick it up as intended when key and mouse input are too close
  • set shift key up
  • check whether “Divide Stack” has been opened, if not → return error.
  • enter the number to split off
  • press return key

Finding a suitable destination for the dragging was more complicated than it should be, I ended up using the label in the lower right corner of the inventory window as this seemed simpler than finding a point in the list viewport which is not occupied by an item.

Here is a complete script that worked for me:

using Parse = Sanderling.Parse;  MotionResult KeyDown(VirtualKeyCode key)    =>     Sanderling?.MotionExecute(new Sanderling.Motor.MotionParam     {         KeyDown = new[]{key},     });  MotionResult KeyUp(VirtualKeyCode key)    =>     Sanderling?.MotionExecute(new Sanderling.Motor.MotionParam     {         KeyUp = new[]{key},     });   Parse.IMemoryMeasurement    measurement => Sanderling.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value;  Parse.IWindowInventory windowInventory => measurement?.WindowInventory?.FirstOrDefault();  var    amountToSplitOff = 4;  var itemToSplit = windowInventory?.SelectedRightInventory?.ListView?.Entry?.FirstOrDefault();  //    just pick a label in the lower right corner of the window. Dragging to there has been observed to trigger the split dialog too. var dragDestination = windowInventory?.LabelText?.OrderByCenterDistanceToPoint(new Vektor2DInt(3333,9999))?.FirstOrDefault();  //    should be the label with the estimated price ("64 ISK <color=gray>Est. price") Host.Log("dragDestination: " + dragDestination?.Text + " (" + dragDestination?.Region.Center().ToString() + ")");  var     delayDuration = 333;  KeyDown(VirtualKeyCode.SHIFT);  Host.Delay(delayDuration);  Sanderling.MouseDragAndDrop(itemToSplit, dragDestination);  Host.Delay(delayDuration);  KeyUp(VirtualKeyCode.SHIFT);  var    divideWindow = measurement?.WindowOther?.FirstOrDefault(window => window?.Caption?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(@"divide") ?? false);  if(null == divideWindow) {     Host.Log("opening divide dialog failed");     return; }  //    enter the quantity to split off Sanderling.TextEntry(amountToSplitOff.ToString());  Sanderling.KeyboardPress(VirtualKeyCode.RETURN);

How does that work for you?

I will add the KeyDown and KeyUp method to the library for next release, so that will reduce some LOCs.

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nice, good! I w8 u

With release v16.06.11, I added the KeyDown and KeyUp method to the library, you can now use them like this: