So many questions

What games are these bots for? Most threads refer to a bot, but never state the game. I’m seeing some games mentioned like Eve and Tribal Wars 2, but most threads don’t specify, and the Category of most threads is something vague like “Learn” or “Show and Tell.”

Where does one get the bots in question, or even read more about it?

I found this forum 20 minutes ago through a Google search for eve vni bot, but I have no idea what that is. Someone mentioned it on Reddit. What’s a VNI bot?

From the All Categories, how can I get to Eve bots?

The forum is confusing and hard to navigate IMO.

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For games which run in web browsers. This is what is currently supported by the BotEngine app. Then there is also another app with support specifically for Eve Online, that is why you also find a lot of bots for that game on the forum.

The fastest way to get to the bots is via the bot catalog at

The eve online bots are listed at Search results for '#bot-catalog tags:eve-online' - BotLab Forum

Thank you for the hint, I am fixing this.

Navigation and discovery of bots is work in progress, I am looking forward to ideas on how to improve it further.

Thanks for the fast response, and sorry if I came across too negatively.

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