Self Development & Credits

I am tempted to plunge into the frameworks/documents provided with bot development, it looks interesting and would be interested in creating something or modifying existing.

my questions are as follows:

  1. if I develop my own bot, am I still paying credits to run it?
  2. Can I offer this bot to others? do I get credits when they run it or some %?
  3. Is it possible to get development credits while in-progress? if #1 is yes

If you do not share it, you still pay for online sessions.

Yes, you can offer it to others. Some people earn money selling their bots. There are various ways to profit from your dev skills. As a platform, BotLab helps you make money from sharing your creations. The percentage depends on how much you let people pay to run your bot. If you let them run it with the standard of 2000 credits per hour, you get 30% percent of that.
For some activities, it makes sense to ask users for more. Let’s take the game EVE Online as an example. A bot doing abyssal sites is worth a multiple of that for many users in that game.
If you let users pay 8000 credits per hour, you get 75% percent of that.

Yes, I can give you credits to support development.