Scout and/or Local warning script

Because some people (like me) still enjoy playing Eve Online by themself, BUT don’t want to look like this after a few hours watching their Intel + 2or3 Locals + Shield/Armor + Capa… I wrote a little script to help playing a little less stressed :wink:
I wrote the script with 2018-07-30 since 2018-12-06 don’t run fine with my computer.

The script can do 2 differents things for you:
1-You put a toon in a system and he will warn you if neuts or enemys are entering the system (and beeps), and warn you when the system is clear.
If the toon is not tethered or docked, he will warp randomly between safe spots of a folder defined by you whyle the intruders are here. If you do not have a safe spot folder, he will use both plantets and asteroid fields to warp randomly.
Warning messages and “personnal intel chan” are parametrables (you have to create and join them)
2-You run it when playing and it will look at the local for you. It will repeat beeping whyle you’re not warping, tethered or docked if a neutral or enemy entered your system.

I tryed to make it clear so you can easily tweak it and adapt to your need or integer in a larger script.

You will find the v2 (whith “system clear warning”) of the script here:

See Svs reply 2 post down for first version of the script (it did not warn when neut leave the system) Thanks to Svs for the pastebin tip btw :wink:


Wow, that is a nice script, thank you for sharing this!


You dont have to be registered on pastebin to share scripts.
Here you go: using BotSharp.ToScript.Extension;using Parse = Sanderling.Parse;using Syste -


This is one of the easier to read scripts i’ve seen.

I will test it out soon, got a lot on my plate.