Saving memory measurements from sanderling to file

To save a memory measurement from sanderling to a file follow these steps:

  • switch to tab “Bot”->“API Explorer”
  • in the tree view at the bottom expand the node “MemoryMeasurement” so that you can see its “Value” property.
  • wait until a memory measurement has been taken. This is indicated by the “Value” node under “MemoryMeasurement” being populated with child nodes and expandable.
  • select the “Value” node by leftclicking on it.
  • expand the “selection” section above.
  • In the “selection” section, enable the CheckBox left of the label “Ref Nez Dif” (this chooses the type of transform which is applied to the selected CLR object for serialization)
  • drag the destination file on the button labeled “file” under “Destination”
  • the application will now write the file, you can assume this was successful when the destination file contents have changed.

The gif below shows a similar procedure but for a different source node: