Sanderling vs Xeon E5450. High load of CPU

Hi! For the start sorry for my english))) I’m using sanderling about few month for VNI ratting. I took a ready to use bot from the site and make some changes in it (i removed some functions that not interested for me like looting…). I have istalled RDPWrapper for using more than one VNI on my PC. For optimizing CPU load i’m using tool that reduce FPS to 15 frames, so on my XEON E5450 (3.0 Ghz) i have load near 10% from each eve window. But running my script generates about 18-25% load of CPU… That’s normal?
I was talking with my friend which using bot builded on OCR technologies and he have load about 5-7% with the same tasks for rattig. So he can run easy 5 bots vs my 2 on the almost same PC.
P.S RDP generate near 20-25% load for 2 desktop windows when ratting by network services(((
Thank’s for your attention! Fly safe!

Welcome @swaml, thank you for the feedback!

For your script, this is normal. You can easily write a script that leads to high utilization of one CPU core. The tool does not prevent you from doing that.
If your machine has multiple CPU cores, the task manager will show you less overall utilization accordingly, because it computes the average over all cores.