Sanderling release v16.05.21

You can download the executable from

The following improvements where made since version 16.04.18:

  • memory reading: fixed a bug that could prevent reading of “MyOrders” in regional market as reported at
  • memory reading: added reading of module overload indicator as requested in issue #7
  • sample mining script: Add support for unloading to POS, based on contribution from eveminer:017e293
  • sample mining script improvements: expand tree in inventory to make ore hold visible: 438220c, select all items when unloading: 407c097.
  • fixed a bug in the default config: e0c3192.


that bug has been, if bot use script, after close current target eve client, he is jump from one interface to next and need enternel close. exception, bad versia not version, that script is bad

If you uncheck the checkbox labeled “always set candidate with highest rating as target” in the the “process” tab (shown in the screenshot below), it will not switch to the next process automatically.

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