Sanderling preview 16.00.18

I will soon make some changes to the memory measurement to add new features. As a consequence everyone will need to switch to the new version of Sanderling.exe because the new measurement code will not be compatible to older versions.

You can now test the new version in advance to see whether it would cause any problems for you.

You can download the new executable from

Enter "" as API Address to connect to the compatible server. (restart the application after changing the API Address)

If there are no problems I will switch over to that version this week.

Now on to the new features:

New features

  • MyOrders are now contained with scrollbar in RegionalMarketWindow
  • Text from flag icon is now included in chat participant entry to enable for example classification by standing.

The following example lists all visible chat participants with name and the flag icon text:

var listParticipantNameAndFlagText  =
    ?.SelectMany(windowChatChannel => windowChatChannel?.ParticipantView?.Entry
        ?.Select(participantEntry => new {
            name = participantEntry?.NameLabel?.Text,
            flagText = string.Join(",", (participantEntry?.FlagIcon?.Select(flagIcon => flagIcon?.HintText)).EmptyIfNull()),

foreach(var participantNameAndFlagText in listParticipantNameAndFlagText)

Since we did not discover any problems with this version. I deployed it today to replace the old one: