Sanderling Keyboard Input API preview

I added an API for simulating keypresses from keyboard keys.

The binary is at

It is used like this:


Any suggestions?

Have problem with sending keys with this method. Using Windows.Forms it works, but I have to test it.

At ToScriptImport.cs add line typeof(System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys) and in script use SendKeys.SendWait("{F3}");

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Are you sure that eve have not protection from directtrly input? Another bot creator uses the keyboard and mouse buffer:

There has been several requests asking about the way EVE Pilot works. EVE Pilot does not use cache scanning or modifications of the EVE Online client and does not send anything to the EVE Online server. EVE Pilot reads the colors displayed on the screen and can work with any window on top, whether that is the EVE Online client or not. EVE Pilot doesn’t send commands directly to the EVE Online client, it uses the keyboard and mouse buffer. The commands are sent the same as if you were pressing the keys on your keyboard or pressing the button on your mouse. In principle, EVE Pilot can send commands to any window that is on top. The source code for these functions can be found with IronAhk (C# implementation of autohotkey) where slav2gruzdev, who is the main developer of EVE Pilot, can be found on the list of authors. EVE Pilot is a legal program and not a hackers tool. The correct definition of this macro is a mouse and keyboard emulator. Macro Laboratory will always care about your safety and our reputation.

Maybe we should use something like this?

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I wrote a demo app implementing both proposed methods:

I could not find any difference between both methods regarding the reaction of the eve client. Single key worked, using CTRL or ALT in addition did not.

Both method works properly, but only with single key. Sending key combinations is something necessary. Writing scripts to mine, or jumping its only begining.

I’m looking how to solve this problem.

Previously, I used AtoIt function Send and it work fine with many combinations.

This script set overload on F3 module,works fine. So now we can use key combination.

P.S. I don’t know how paste here script

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This script set overload on F3 module,works fine. So now we can use key combination.


How did you arrive at 100ms delay per Key? I tested with 10ms, this worked most of the time but sometimes failed. Then I tested 30 times with 20ms and that worked every time. At the moment I am inclined to pick 40ms as the default.

P.S. I don’t know how paste here script

I guess you mean so that it looks not like normal text? I don’t think this forum supports syntax highlighting. But you can use the


entry from the dropdown menu to modify visual appearance.

Yes I know that 100ms is too much, but this was only for test. Now you can add this api into program, becouse I don`t know how

executable download and example code with keyboard functions is shown at

Let me know whether its working for you.

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Ok, thanx. Good Job

It work`s fine.