Sanderling framework sending mouse movement, clicks and keyboard clicks outside of script scope


Im trying to write my own bot with c# in visual studio based on sanderling framework. Currently i managed to create a program that uses the framework to read data from eve memory and based on that it plays sound notifications which warn me of neuts in local and when dreadnaughts spawn on my anomaly site. My program is using the sourcecode of sanderling downloaded from GIT.

But to do anything more complex i need to send input to eve process and i would want to do that through the sanderling framework, but without the use of scripting. I could make my own mechanic for sending input to eve but it would probably be easily detected so i would really like to know how could i use the sanderling way of sending input.

I guess what im asking for is how to call input sending methods in VS without scripts.

My other question would be: what type of input data does eve monitor for tampering?