Sanderling Bot - Neut/Hostile Enemy and Repeating Code

Hey all,

I’m new to botting and just have a few questions.

  1. Making the bot check for neuts/reds in system doesn’t work. It will just dock me, and continually spam check ore hold and item hangar. Is this going to be fix in a future patch?
  2. When I run the bot, it only runs once. Meaning, it will undock, turn on modules, warp to asteroid area, target, mine, then when ore hold is full, it docks and unloads. Then its done. And it won’t repeat itself until the program is turned off. How do I make the bot repeat the same mining operation over and over?
  3. Anyone have gotten into trouble with CCP yet? I am just afraid of getting banned on my account since I put in a decent amount of SP and whatnot.
  4. Last thing, I want to try the Anomaly Ratting Bot, what ship would you recommend? How much ammo? Will it auto pick up ammo?

Thank you!