Sanderling: 17-11-19

I have been running Sanderling 11-17-19 for awhile …

The last few days it has not been getting last measurements …

Has anything changed with new Sanderling that I might have to change?

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there is an autostart to bot , and autoload a script.

but that doesn’t interfere with taking measurements, so your sanderling should work properly.

If your problem persist I suggest you cleaning the game ( cache etc etc) and trie for a while to run only one instance , to see if you still have this problem.

@kaboonus have you even read the question? Or it’s just an urge to say something no matter what?

As to @jyhad question - the answer is no, nothing has changed and my bots are running fine using 17-11-19.

Svs, I think I answered fine, not from a urge to say something:


[ because I have this problem] :

[ there are changes in sanderling …]


when you run and change the players ingame , connect and disconnect ( etc)
after a while Eve “deposit” and use the same “space” in cache and even in RAM, and the data received by Sanderling are not consistent. That result in some errors
Conclusion at

I read the question and I answer at question

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Thanks … Are you using Win 7 or Win 10?

I haven’t used the bot in awhile and I can’t remember if there was something I had to do given which client I was using it on …

Thanks for the info Kaboonus …

I’m running Win10. And 17-11-19 is latest release that’s free.