Safety tips

Hey guys, do you have any safety tips, on using the bot, like renaming the application etc, ?

from safety 100 % to 0%:
100% = do not bot/macro / etc.

90% use different alphas on different emails/accounts, on different internet providers , on different PC, 5 hours max. each, different regions, not same corpo/ally. It is at 90% because nobody care if lose them .
using them 6h/day it decrease at 60%
make the math in rest :slight_smile:
You think they could catch you looking on process? this is the most basic tools, used on pirate/private servers.
They analyze your packets sent , and received , their patterns ( regularity) and behaviour(time between click in different situations, time reactions, etc).

Thanks, I don’t have the capacity right now, to run each bot on a different PC.Also yes , using alphas means I don’t care that much if they get banned from time to time.

:)) no problem with that :slight_smile:

make 6 alphas, to use them 3/day and you rotate them.