Running the bot automatically

Anyone running the bot on a shedule from a batch file or the sort?

I want to automate the bot as far as possible and run it from a script every day. i have troubles finding the bot process to activate botting after i have started the bot via a script. Is there some way to configure the bot via command line?

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to start the script you can use keypress F5

to include that on batch script I think you can use some examples from


and here
and some idea here
and more explicative here
If is working or not, … dunno, you have to test.
how you start and login , and chose a char ??

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I use NirCmd (NirCmd - Windows command line tool) to simulate key and mouse events. the miner is the only char on that account so its always first on charakter selection screen. What i am struggling with is the loading of a script. I can only switch to the bot with a simulated alt-tab wich feels like an unclean solution to me. i was wondering if someone did something similar and could provide some pointers :smiley:

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put the script on default … or close to that.
I see that:
on the interface where you chose to load the script ( from web, other source and open dev buttons) if you chose the open dev environment, then you load the last script
and then simply F5.

also if you start the Sanderling after you login ingame is completed, the Sanderling window should be in front, you wait until the Sanderling read the game interface (for green check, you put some minutes delay) and then click on open environment. and f5.
I talk theoretically. (but also I like to start a bot and game completely automatic for one computer, so if you solve entire thing I’m interested)
an "auto"login could be that ( but I’m not sure if is working or is is safe)
Also we could ask @Viir to include in next version an completely autologin and start a default script :d


pretty basic stuff so far. i need to redo the starting of a bot with your suggestions so i cut it out so far. all in one .bat batchfile

::kill preexisting launcher

taskkill /im evelauncher.exe

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe wait 1000

::Start eve

Start C:\commands\eve.lnk

::start account

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe wait 30000

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe setcursor 431 160

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe sendmouse left click

::Select char

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe wait 45000

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe setcursor 386 281

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe sendmouse left click

::run bot tool

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe wait 30000

Start C:\commands\Sanderling.lnk

C:\Commands\nircmd\nircmd.exe wait 30000

::start bot
:: needs to be redone


Yes, we could add an option to the Sanderling.exe program to directly start a bot.

One option to specify a bot could be a name of a file to load the bot from. Then the sanderling.exe could do the same as when the 📂 Load Bot From Local File is used and then also start the bot. I guess this could make the batchfile simpler.


Some time ago I used a modified ISBoxerEVELauncher for a similar task.
But after one of the updates, the option to launch the Eve client with the ‘CharacterName’ parameter disappeared.

There is a good alternative. If you have one account in your Eve client, you can use this:


And now your script should :

  • launch EveLauncher
  • wait until eve online client window appears
  • select character
  • launch bot
  • kill EveLauncher (optional)

This algorithm also allows you to not worry about updating the Eve client. I wrote a small console application for these tasks. If anyone is interested I can put in free access.


thank you for link, is really interesting hope they solve the character choice.

please, can you offer access?

thank you :slight_smile: but not for now, let it for 2019 ( I expect some new changes in game and then we could change more things )

Release (MD5: 2a6e1d34e83c7ea052233347a734977f)
Source code (MD5: 29cbc592904f0cdc556ffbcb6e4634b9)
How to use it?

  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Open the settings.json file
  3. If you are using VPN to hide your ip, then fill in these parameters: (otherwise, just skip this step.)
"DefaultHttpString":"",     // this is site where we check our ip
"CountryToHide":"Somalia", // your country if your ip is dynamic
"IpToHide":"", // your ip if it allways static
"DelayBeforeRecheckOurIp":10, // how often to check the connection (once per 10 sec.)
  1. specify the path to your bot file
  1. Save settings.json file
  2. Add the EveLauncher.exe file to Windows startup
    NOTE: default eve launcher should be customized as i wrote here


  1. Check Ip and Country, if it = defaultInSettings then wait [DelayBeforeRecheckOurIp] = 10 sec and retry
  2. Start default eve launcher and wait [DelayBeforeLookingEveClient] = 100 sec
  3. Trying to find eve client window with title “EVE” and
  • if successful then set focus press Enter
  • else wait [DelayBetweenLoadingCharacterAttempts] = 30 sec and retry (10 times)
  1. If step 3 failed then reboot windows
  2. Close default eve launcher
  3. Start bot from “PathToBotExe” path

NOTE: this programm does not press Play button in Sanderling (or F5 etc), but only launches the application from “PathToBotExe”.


super, thank you Terpla :slight_smile:

thank you, Terpla, for sharing and to everyone for the constructive input!

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a professional hand :),

to load a script and enter botting would really rock but also would it be great if the bot closes/run a definable ,exe or ,bat if it has “succeeded” :crazy_face:

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How about a Sanderling version which can be used like this:

Sanderling.exe --load-bot-from-file "D:\bots\my-bot.cs" --start-bot

Does this make sense?

Are we going to have to have the authentication handshake?

That has been my major gripe with current Sanderling we have to register our bot then it checks if we have enough credits then it asks to us to accept the conditions. (all requiring a mouse-click from us)

Also any way to increase the what was the problem kaboonus was having with GARBAGE file size too large? so documentation had to be condensed/removed to another file.
I am only a shade tree programmer and have no idea how hard it would be to implement but just a suggestion.


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Yes, I will include this, so no click will be required.

There are some upcoming changes to fix this problem. The plan is to introduce a better programming language in the first half of 2019. Together with this change, the current size limitation will be lifted.

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that would really be great! would it be possible to add one parameter for the bot to shut down when he has “succeeded” :grinning:

Shutdown the game , there is on my script i Think, but if you want to shutdown the computer the is a topic ( used by me to shutdown game)

I implemented running the bot automatically in this version:

You can load and start a bot with a commandline like this:

2018-12-06.Sanderling.exe --load-bot-from-file="C:\Users\John\Desktop\my-script-to-load.txt" --start-bot

@Aseratis, @Maniac, does this work for you?


Works great, thank you!