Running Bot without your sanderling interface?

How do I run a bot script without the interface/licensing? I already had to do a fix to the mining bot and build the project in visual studio because it wasn’t undocking the ship during initial testing. Are we not allowed to run any code from 2018 without the interface/licensing?

According to the docs we have to run sensorServerDispatcher.CyclicExchangeStart(); before we can do anything with the application.

When you use this approach to run a bot, that interface/licensing is not needed:

What do you think about this approach?

Thanks for your reply. Then we have to convert this mining script in sanderling to an elm project before we can run it?

Yes, each bot is modeled as an Elm application.
The part of the documentation referencing sensorServerDispatcher was outdated. I removed that part to avoid further confusion.