Run-app-session file size high

Hello all,

I have noticed that after I have run a few instances, the run-app-session folder in AppData > Local > botengine will fill with some very large files of what must be my sessions.

I hadnt realised this was happening and managed to get over 80gb in there and was curious as to where my disk space was going!

My question is - is this normal and do I need to make a manual delete from time to time? Or is it a sign of something going awry with the type of bot I am using (the most common eve mining bot thats top of catalogue).

When my PC is running out of space the the bot is naturally shutting down.

Any ideas to help further my learning?


The amount depends on the app for sure. For app 8d2c1f72b7, one GB per hour is normal.

For cases where you want to ignore all problems with an app, you also have the option to disable this detailed log when starting the session.
You can turn it off by setting --detailed-session-recording= option to off in the configuration UI:

So far, removing sessions is not automated.
I continue to develop the user interfaces, so ideas for improvements are welcome.

No problem - thanks Viir, thought for a second I was doing something wrong or had some kind of leak.

Uninstalled all my games haha :laughing:

Now I know what it is I can manage for sure, and try your suggestion!

Thanks again