Renaming the running process in the source code

First off thank you for creating this forum and the bot.

My Question is how does Eve tell you are using the bot from running processes. If it is simply that they can see your running processes, cant we just compile the program ourselves with a different name for the process?

Thank you again

Welcome Matt! :wave:

It depends on how you start the game client and the bot. When you allow the EVE Online process to see the bot process, this is possible.
Microsoft offers some functionality to keep you save: Windows isolates processes from different user accounts. The EVE Online client can only detect the presence of your bot process if you allow access. A normal windows user is not allowed to access processes from other users. To make use of this process isolation functionality, you can start your bot as admin user and the EVE Online client as a normal user.

You can do that too. An easier option is to rename the executable file in the windows explorer.

I was wondering if renaming them would work. Another question. Do they see the programs running you do in Task manager?