Reload bot?

Is there a command to reload the script from within the bot? i would like the bot to reload everytime it is at the station to make sure it uses the latest version of that file. I work on my bot on a different computer and make changes to the script which need the bot to be restarted to take effect. is there a way to make the bot use the most recent script?

if I remember correctly, the only way is to close the sanderling and restart him. last version support auto-start.

Myself I use rdp on second computer :d :))


Hmm… use the autostart feature… thanks for the idea, that could be used as a workarround :slight_smile:

No, there is no such command from within the bot.

This can be done by starting a new instance of the Sanderling app and giving it the file name of the script to load:

2018-12-06.Sanderling.exe --load-bot-from-file="C:\Users\John\Desktop\my-script-to-load.txt" --start-bot

(Source: Running the bot automatically - #19 by Viir)

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