Reliable IDs needed

I encountered this shortage multiple times already trying to make modifications/optimizations to mining script. And it’s just common sense that objects IDs should be reliable and should not change for the wider contexts. It would make Sanderling much more “mature”.
For now IDs of overview entries change each time overview tabs are switched, so for example if I want to keep track of some wrecks on the grid and store some map of them using “Looting” overview to query them, than switch to “Mining” overview to target new asteroid and switch back to continue working with wrecks - IDs are all new and changed, so my map is invalid and I can’t continue what I started.
Ideally those IDs should be preserved even if I leave the grid and come back to it later (some global system or even “universe” wide IDs). I do understand that it might require additional memory reading/parsing, so it may be something lazy to save on performance.
So, how hard would it be to implement and what’s the possibility to see it in some time?

There is a good chance there are such IDs not many pointers away from the list entry UI node object.

To search for such an ID, I would start at the list entry UI node and follow pointers from there.
I remember stumbling over stuff looking like IDs for objects in space close to those entries.

CCP seems to use the term “Ball” to label these.

From my side. There is a problem withe the update cycle of vales. Often not all numbers are present. A realtime mechanic would be helpful.
Some how there seams to be a memory hole during docking. These seams too often generate exception u cant handel.

Is it an answer to my question about chances? :slight_smile: Means you have no time or motivation to improve something in Sanderling. Am I correct assuming it?

Yeah, I remember from long time ago when Python sources of eve client were available, they had something called ballpark. Can’t remember though if it meant system-wide park or just single grid.
Did you use some sources BTW? Do you know if they still can be obtained (it was some tool to extract and decompile them)?

No, I do not see a relation to the question about chances. Further improvements will be made.

Last time I checked was in 2016, that tool still worked. I think it was GitHub - wibiti/evedec: Eve Online decrypter/decompiler