Refresh rate for TW2 bot

Is there a way to change the coding for TW2 farming bots refresh rate? I have satellite internet and as of late, there’s been a TON of fog due to warmer weather. As such, My connection isn’t as stable as I’d like it to be. This causes issues with my TW2 farming bot, as it won’t load half of the map in the middle of a farm run. All it will do is constantly try and find a barbarian village that isn’t shown due to connectivity issues. Is there a coding that could refresh in the middle of farming runs to fix this issue, or a way to add it into the program of “After 2 minutes of not finding village, refresh page” ?

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My bot sat for 3 hours not refreshing or farming, No alarm codes either. Had to manually refresh bot. Could use some assistance on this.

Hello Trevor,

Thank you for sharing your use case. Let’s see how we can make the bot more robust regarding the connection challenges.

Yes, we can adapt the bot to refresh the page depending on the responses from the web browser. To find a matching encoding of the condition to refresh, we need the recording of the responses sent from your web browser to your bot. These are all included with the overall play session recording.

You can send the exported play session recording archive to; then, I will look into adapting the bot to refresh according to your web browser’s responses.

I think i found the problem. Sent an email, along with two sessions of farming.

Hello Trevor,

Thank you for the update and the description of your scenario.
I see there was some file attached to that email, but not a complete session recording.
To see where your bot got stuck, I will need the complete recording.

The easiest way to export sufficient information is using the ‘Export session recording archive’ button:


Thank you again for the detailed description. I made a new bot to fix this problem.

You can start the new Tribal Wars 2 farmbot using