Recognize reloading

Hi guys
i got good advice from my last post thanks all

Now i want to make bot dont toggle(f1 or something) module while weapon or charge reloading. so question is how sanderling recognize if the module is reloading or not

any advice welcome :slight_smile:

Seems this is about EVE Online. I will add the eve-online tag to this topic, so that people see your post.

I did some searching on the module reloading. I found that there are multiple ways to detect if a module is reloading. There is a local indication on the module while loading as well as a global notification when the loading begins.

The EVE Online client displays a ring segment on the module. This ring segment starts as a full ring and shrinks counterclockwise to visualize the progress of loading.

This screenshot shows a module loading with a progress of about twenty percent:

You can see this in action in this video on youtube, starting at about 9 minutes and 47 seconds:

In the same video, you can see a textual notification when the loading starts. The text also informs about the duration of the loading process. Screenshot of how this looks below:

Do you see these loading indicators with your setup?