Read chat and ignore result

Hi guys

i have idea that read anomaly ID from chat window(custom channel) and ignore the ID result in Probe scan window

im not good at c# and programing so…
any advice related this welcome :slight_smile:

You hve to read the chat and any message from there to transform in variable . This variable is used on take anomaly method. You just chàge the name with id collons

you will have fairly hard time to parse it properly into the probescanner in case someone will write something different.

so you will have to match text in local with probescanner on regular basis which will take some system resources for not really good reason.
Just let your bot warp of when there is blue and ignore that whole “ratting channels” nonsense, my advice.

To read the messages in the chat window, you can use this code:

thanks for all advice :slight_smile: