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I’ve never used bots before in anything, but have recently become curious about them. I have no programming background whatsoever. I do have a few questions, some general, some specific. Thanks in advance for any help.

  1. About the online/offline mode for the botlabs executable, is the online mode the only feasible way to utilize this tool for extended periods of time? Is there any way to run scripts that I downloaded, or that I made myself for as long as I want, uninterrupted without having to pay anything?
  2. I play EVE Online, and would use bots for that game. I have my main accounts, but I would use a completely different account that is not tied in any way to my other accounts (different email). In general, how paranoid should I be if I’m running bots? Is it safe to have my botting account on the same PC, in the same launcher as the rest of my accounts; or should I use a completely different PC with a VPN or network proxy? Maybe a VM perhaps?
  3. About bans, do the EVE Online devs ban an account only, or do they ban the IP you’re using? Anyone know? Anyone have experience with getting banned? Any insight to share is helpful.
  4. If botting is successful, is it relatively safe to just transfer ISK straight to my main characters; or should I utilize more convoluted strategies when transferring wealth in game to avoid detection?
  5. From someone who has no experience coding, and very little knowledge about programming, how long do you think it would take to learn how to develop bots?
  6. edit: Forgot a question. Can I run botlabs on Linux?

Thanks again for any help.

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Welcome @Pemberton :wave:

  • In the BotLab client, there is no way to run a long, uninterrupted session without using credits. Credits can be bought with money or earned by helping other people.
  • A different email address is not enough to avoid an association of different accounts. Your IP address is a factor, so use a VPN. In EVE Online, that is not necessarily enough. It depends on which client you use. The classic client software runs on Windows. That Windows-based software extracts information from your system that allows identification, which would be another way to link accounts. You can avoid that by isolation via virtual machines. CCP, the developer of EVE Online, is introducing an alternative client called in their project ‘EVE Anywhere’. This new client will make isolation easier because it runs without dependency on Windows. I have no experience with 3. and 4.
  • With no prior experience in coding, learning to develop bots would take around 15 hours. That is for people doing it efficiently, letting me know about any issues or blockers so we can resolve them immediately.
  • BotLab does not run on Linux this year, maybe in 2024.

Thank you for the help, appreciate it.

I suppose creating another user account on my windows install wouldn’t be enough then, because they probably go so far as to get hardware ID. If that’s true, then a VM running on my local machine would also likely not be enough. I don’t really know what I’m doing here though, so I could be wrong :joy:

I’ve also heard that there’s a way to play EVE on linux, even though it’s not officially supported by CCP. I read about it here: I wonder if the linux client would extract info the same way that the windows client does. I imagine it would.

Yes, with setups where multiple VMs run on the same host, it takes extra care to ensure that the VMs do not leak too much information about the host. A VM solution I can recommend is the cloud PC from
It is simple to use and costs only 30€ / month.

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Interesting, so you’re saying that a VM running on a local machine is enough to avoid the client scrubbing data from that local machine?

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to do this on as minimal a budget as possible (at least starting out), so if I can avoid paying a subscription to a cloud based VM and instead run a local VM off my own machine (with VPN of course), that could be enough. For context, I’m thinking of using a debian based linux OS to run a windows VM, which would then run the EVE client and botlab.exe. I know it’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but I’m genuinely curious to see if it will work now.

No, the opposite. I would not rely on this being enough.

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Good to know, thank you for all the help.