Questions and wishes

Hi all, I use Sanderling.
I always begs a few questions, that’s in fact they are:

  1. Initially, there is a time limit of memory upgrades, which can only be changed in the source code or the command in the bot.
    As a result, we have two solutions, is to climb to the source code and fix on the importance that should be, or anywhere in the code to put the memory upgrade.
    Why is it so difficult? Why not make this option in the bot initially, ie to set how often you need to update the memory.
  2. Sometimes the script stops with an error, but the script is working, it can work at least 12 hours, but empty values ​​will be written and I get an error when updating the memory.
    Although I always? ? ? ? ? they even have to write like this if (speed == null) :joy: that have been working on the script.
    Can you realize that the script would run again automatically when triggered the error, what to do or check the menu.
  3. It would be a variety of audible alerts when a script error, because it is quiet and short, you can listen to …
  4. I often stop working combination of claves, such as Al + P, it is necessary to restart the game, and the bot, if there is a solution to this problem?
    If the stop script hotkey pressed, then after restarting the script, they do not work anymore, I can not understand what the problem is.
  5. Is it possible to create forms through a bot? I want to create a small startup to control the menu script, when connecting using windows.form exact name I do not remember, highlights in red.
  6. Stop the script by pressing the key, I have not worked a pause, and you have to fight with a bot that would turn off the script, it is difficult by the way, because using a carrier and a mouse most of the time on the move. In my view preferable to make a choice on which key to stop the bot.

I use Google translator, because it is much may seem nonsense, be tolerant :grin:

Just Sanderling wonderful program, I just want to say that I have no hard feelings toward the bot, here are the suggestions and questions.

I have almost no experience with a с# prompt as possible to be with my problems

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Questions and wishes

For questions, I can try to answer those. But I do not know what to do with wishes.

I do not see any problem with changing this.

What about enclosing your script in a try catch block to mitigate the effects of exceptions thrown?

How is this related to Sanderling?

Yes, why not?

What did you feed to Google translator?

Let me explain, the boat “clicks” keyboard shortcuts, but nothing happens in the game, if I did this time, simply press the key combination, the window opens.
What then could be the problem?

You can make a small example? Even a button will be very happy!

I believe it is reasonable to leave everything as is, but add only one check when it is pressed, the script will automatically run when an error.
For example, when I was at home, the script worked correctly, I went to work (business trip), here comes Ping to 5-6 seconds, and because of this script gives an error, sometimes.
And that automatically run a script, to save my character … if I’m not around.

You have a great boat that without restrictions.
I have some experience in the use of such programs, I can say at once that the combination of the interface and the script engine and has limitless possibilities.
Because interface does not always provide what users need, always something is missing, and whether in such a bot is also scripting engine, he even knowing C # would be able to write a small script that it will expand the interface capabilities, and a script has run the interface.
This is the best option, the one who is not very versed in с# will use the interface, the one who does not have problems with a с# will be to write a script and will also use the interface that people are lazy :joy:
The interface is not so often have to be updated once or twice a month as you can give people a little script that will solve a particular problem in the interface.

And for such a program with the support of many will pay, the main thing is not to overdo with the price :grin: