Questions about scripting

Hi, I just discovered the site, and would like to ask some questions. I don’t know if they were answered before, I’m currently on a limited internet connection and can’t check out.

About programming:

  • Are scripts required to be written in ELM? I’d really like to use C#.
  • Are there any reported cases of bans for using this platform?

I’d like to make a smarter, less botty miner for EVE, designed for the relatively calm nullsec environment.

  • Is there any way to read the Survey Scanner window?
  • Is there any way to open/read/close the module info window?
  • Which instance does the script work on, if there are multiple windows? Because I want to have 2 accounts, one doing the belt ratting manually when needed, while the other does mining automatically.
  • Is there any way to read the window title (so as to see the player name, and to force the script to be run on)?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if these questions were answered earlier.

You can write in C# if you want.

Yes, the easiest way seems to use the surveyScanWindow field directly on the record containing the reading from the game client:

Yes. I recommend to use right-click on the module button in the ship UI. This should bring up a context menu with an entry to open the window.

You can access a list with all module buttons via shipUImoduleButtons

For finding these parts of the games user interface, there is also a guide at

You can customize the instance selection, but most of the time, people use the instance with the window that was topmost at the time the app was started.

Yes, selecting the game client by pilot name is no problem.

Thanks for the answers.

Wow, wasn’t expecting that. Are there any examples written in C#? I haven’t seen any.

All the examples I see are mostly written in Elm. There is small amount of glue code, low-level stuff that is written in C#. You can see that here: bots/VolatileHostScript.elm at 691fd8c7b886cae1a63e79c7b69e3aea92e33002 · Viir/bots · GitHub