Question about carrier ratting

Does anyone know how to set up or have code for carrier ratting? Also if the devs do not have a carrier im willing to give out a few for testing. If this is a dumb question im sorry. Oh is there a way to set up Rorq mining as well?

Welcome back!
If you can explain how carrier ratting works, I will look at it.
However, If you are looking for someone who already knows carrier ratting, we would need to wait for someone who has more experience with EVE Online in that case.

I was made code for Carrier ratting. But since Dynamic Bounty System and ESS applied. I give up on continue on it. Too risky when you ratting alot and then neuts come to take ESS. ( Your carrier still safe as bot will align it to safe place like Fort, if neuts get in system, bot will call fighter back, and warp to safe when neuts show up in overview, then dock in. Only undock if neuts gone for some times and continue on rat)