Python and Sanderling

Hello, Is it possible to connect Sanderling to python? I want to make tradebot but i’m more familiar with python.

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Well why not? I don’t see a problem with that.

@Virr, do you can give an example with your MemoryMeasurement-System together with python?

I only need a very simple program which read for example the player name.

Update: So far I am able to import the Sanderling.dll to my python project. But to be honest, I dont understand exacly how the MemoryMeasurement-System works. How I attach the Memory read thing to an process?

Update2: Ah wait, with the Sensor() Class?

Update3: I have the feeling, that I have to rewrite the Sensor Class in Python :confused: Cant Access the Class.

To all this I have access:


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the same question about java :slight_smile:
Can I somehow pass parameters from Sanderling to external app?

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Someone managed to connect Sanderling to python? Is there any example? I’m struggling with that…