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Hello, I tried running the bot and got this fail report, can anyone advise me on what to do?

Welcome back Optic!

Sorry to hear there is a problem.
When you enable access for the Google account I will take a look into the linked file.


Hi Michael,

You should have access now :slight_smile: thank you.

Thank you, now I can access the screenshot with the error message :+1:
I am looking into the cause.

The error message in that screenshot indicates that access from another process prevented the BotLab client from writing to a file.
To avoid this problem, I added a wrapper to make the BotLab client retry the file appending operation in such a case.
You can load version 2023-10-09 of the client here:

Let me know if you see any problem with version 2023-10-09.

In the mid-term, switching to a log implementation that keeps a file stream open might be better. I plan to explore such an option to make this part more robust.