Porting Travel Script Question

I managed to port the c# Script Travel.simple.cs to regular c# in VS.

The one thing i could not get working was the mouse clicks.

“Sanderling.MouseClickLeft()” I could not find.

“Sanderling.Motor.MotionParamExtension.MouseClick()” did not seem to work when i called it. :frowning:

My solution in the end was to make my own clicks and movement. How ever tomorrow night i plan on refactoring it all and it would be nice if i could get rid of my nasty runtime dll import.

Does any one know how to get the Sanderling clicks working in VS? :smile:

To click, use the following code:

using BotEngine.Motor;
using Sanderling.Motor;

var motor = new Motor.WindowMotor(windowHandle);

var motionParam = uiElement.MouseClick(MouseButtonIdEnum.Left);


For this, you need the have the handle to the eve client window in windowHandle.

ok thats cool. Thanks. Viir you are my fav person of the day :slight_smile:

so I don’t have to move the mouse to the location. uiElement.MouseClick will move to the location and click

while I was coding my version of click I was worried the eve client would log the time between mouse motion and click. and see it was to fast to be human so I put delays in between move to location and click of a random number between 400 and 1200. Is that over the top in paranoia?

Back then when I used a bot for 12 hours a day this seemed overkill. In case you want delays, have a look at the MouseEventTimeDistanceMilli property on the WindowMotor to add delays between mouse effects.

I am using my main account so I guess I am a little overly paranoid good to know I am pushing it to far.

thx for the info :slight_smile: