Planned Bot App Overview

This post is about considered future features for the bot app, to give you a quick overview.

  • Based on recommendation from @Kaboonus at Is credit time being used when paused? - #8 by kaboonus Support restarting application to automate: Restart the application which has been specified by the user outside of the bot scope.

    • This means that the bot cannot start arbitrary application, but only what has been picked by the user.
    • The bot can then access the new process resulting from this command (Sensing, Input)
  • Push notifications to your mobile phone, as suggested by @Svs here: Push Notifications

    • Support modeling custom messages in the bot code, so that the user can distinguish different kinds of events.
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If you think something should be changed, or have questions or feedback regarding the plans for the bot app and the interface used for bot programming, you can create a new topic on the forum.

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To improve navigation for people coming across this thread: The restarting of game client apps by starting a Windows process is now supported. The Process.Start API in .NET Core can be used in a volatile host to start a new Windows process.
To find out if a game client process has exited (so that you know when to start a new one), you can use the HasExited property.
(To make it easy to get the newest updates, I post about new features and improvements in the thread BotLab Devlog - #26 by Viir)