Pirate killing - priority algorithm

Way to often I had my drones attacking a General or Malakim battleships (700m size), while smaller cruisers like Crushers (300m size) poked holes in my shield. No more!

I have drafted an algorithm for killing pirates when mining or ratting:

Each block is a seprate function, I am now gradually writing them up and will post it some time next week.
This will be an abstract set of functions, meant to be included into a more comprehensive Mining or Ratting script.

Meanwhile I would like to get some feedback and see if you can suggest any idea or conditions I might have overlooked.

P.S. The original diagram from Google Drive to make a copy if you want (needs Draw IO app to work with it):


Thanks, that looks nice, but I was confused by the background colors used in the visualization. I have no idea what the meaning of those colors is.

I did something similar for asteroids in my variant of mining script. I introduced the map of weights based on their names and tried also to modify those weights by function from range, but was too lazy to find good function for later case.
So, probably somewhere down the road you might want to add more factors than just size (while size is good idea, I’d try to differentiate there by icon of the target, which is harder). Possible other factors for the future - e-war, target name (bosses first or last), known triggers, etc.

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