Orca, mining in the fleet

I’ve been looking at this forum for about 2 hours since I bought the time and I don’t know what to do, please tell me

  1. I want to transfer all the ore to Orca’s fleet cargo when the ore cargo in the mining line is full.

  2. Instead of going all the way to the ore and then locking on to it, I want to lock on to the ore first and then mine it with the mining machine without moving (the range is 36km, so I can mine it without moving).

How can I do both of the above?

I’m not very good at programming.

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depending on which version of the bot youre using you can change the range and have it mine far away

, targetingRange = 40000
, miningModuleRange = 40000

this would stop the Orca from Moving at all in my case.
Having the Ore move to the fleethangar (if you’re not looking at it) would cause issues when docked, you would need another part not just to fill it but also to unload it.

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To expand on what @Gimly wrote, here is a link to a configuration for a range of 36 km: https://catalog.botengine.org/cb42180eb7cf6d932ce245fe3c8eee844e1a90482aa05537055c2bf877ae243d/configure-run-app/eyJvbmxpbmVTZXNzaW9uIjpmYWxzZSwiYXBwU2V0dGluZ3MiOiJ0YXJnZXRpbmctcmFuZ2UgPSAzNjAwMFxubWluaW5nLW1vZHVsZS1yYW5nZSA9IDM2MDAwIiwicGF1c2VBcHBLZXlzIjoiIiwic2Vzc2lvbkxlbmd0aExpbWl0IjoiIiwiZGV0YWlsZWRTZXNzaW9uUmVjb3JkaW5nIjoiIn0=

For the issue of transferring the ore: Here you need someone who understands the game mechanics and how to use the game client. A good place to ask about how to transfer ore would be the forums at https://forums.eveonline.com/

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Thanks Viir for the share, how would you get the script to load into an Orca or any fleet arround him? as this is not being detected as a structure, I guess we cannot use the “unload-structure-name”

seems not easy to achieve I guess, my plan is to have multiple mining rig + orca to unload without transferring to the station

The first step is to have someone translate this into a language that I understand. The safest way is a translation that contains no game-specific terms like “load”, “Orca”, “fleet”. I do not have a lot of experience with EVE Online, so I rely on people familiar with the game to translate.

Here are some elements of the language to describe what you could do on a game client:

  • Move the mouse cursor.
  • Press a mouse button.
  • Release a mouse button.
  • Press a key on the keyboard.
  • Release a key on the keyboard.
  • Enter a text.

For example, when you play around with the game client, you might find that pressing and releasing the “K” key on the keyboard achieves “load into an Orca”.
With this translation to a universal and well-understood language, a developer can take that information and translate it into program code.

Thanks, here is what should be the behavior;

All step listed below with a letter are done manually;

a) Fleet creation with the Orca pilot ( the pilot who will carry the ore/mineral )
b) all mining toons will join fleet, open inventory and fleet hangar would be visible on the screen

all the below should be done/handle by the script;

  1. Warp fleet member to the belt
  2. Once destination is reach, approach middle of the belt and toons should keep the Orca pilot at range
  3. Put the drone out ( this is just for protection )
  4. Start mining
  5. Once full, load the ore from the inventory into the Orca (Fleet hangar)

Ideally we need another script just for the Orca pilot itself, in order to transfer the ore from the fleet hangar into the hangar ( fleet hangar has 40 000m3 capacity while hangar has 180 000m3 )

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Looking at that screenshot, I wonder if a drag&drop gesture would work for this step?
@nxt could we use drag&drop for the “load” part?

I see the list above does not contain “drag&drop” directly. This would be a sequence with four steps like this:

  • Move the mouse cursor
  • Press mouse button
  • Move the mouse cursor
  • Release mouse button
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Drag and drop would work indeed, exactly as you describe ( same sequence as the unload from a station )

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You have the script with that specification?

Yes, for example this script builds a drag&drop effect sequence:

And here an example integrating it:

Here is a select all with CTRL + A followed by drag and drop sequence:

 (describeBranch "Select all. Drag and drop."
                                        (EveOnline.AppFrameworkSeparatingMemory.setMillisecondsToNextReadingFromGameBase 1000
                                                (EffectOnWindow.effectsMouseClickAtLocation EffectOnWindow.MouseButtonLeft
                                                        |> centerFromDisplayRegion
                                                    ++ [ EffectOnWindow.KeyDown EffectOnWindow.vkey_LCONTROL
                                                       , EffectOnWindow.KeyDown EffectOnWindow.vkey_A
                                                       , EffectOnWindow.KeyUp EffectOnWindow.vkey_LCONTROL
                                                       , EffectOnWindow.KeyUp EffectOnWindow.vkey_A
                                                    ++ EffectOnWindow.effectsForDragAndDrop
                                                        { startLocation = itemInInventory.totalDisplayRegion |> centerFromDisplayRegion
                                                        , endLocation = itemHangar.totalDisplayRegion |> centerFromDisplayRegion
                                                        , mouseButton = MouseButtonLeft

This allows us to transfer everything in 1 action.

i would also be interested in finding out how that feature could be integrated. Can you create a feature where the Miners would notice that the orca pilot left the astroid belt to bring the ore to the station and when the orca pilot comes back the miners open it’s fleet hangar again? Is there any feature that make them recognize something on the screen is missing?