Optimat UI Config Failed

Hi all
In my optimat.EveOnline v16.05.01
The Ui config Fail : the bot always detect a probleme with my capacitor or shield and force the ship to dock
But every time my capacitor is at 95% and shield 100%
the Bot say >>> dock forced, cause=“Ship Capacitor Or Hitpoints Too Low” <<<
Can someone help me fix that please ?

Maybe the memory reading of hitpoints in Optimat v16.05.01 does not work with the current eve online client.

In that case, fixing this would require an update of Optimat to the newest version of Sanderling.

At minimum updating to current version of Sanderling would require replacing the Sanderling DLLs with the current ones. But I don’t know if that will be sufficient.

thanks for your help
I’ve donwload the zip of the Sanderling and the zip of the Optimat
then I replace the sanderling DLL like you tell me
But now how to make it into an app?

The app would be the build output from Visual Studio after building the VS Solution.

Have you used Visual Studio before?

There is a newer version v16.07.01 of the Bot for download.
You can download it from https://github.com/botengine-de/Optimat.EO/releases/download/v16.07.01/16.07.01.Optimat.EveOnline.exe

How does version 16.07.01 work for you?

16.07.01 minimise all windows when I’m docked and don’t accepte the missions

when I’m undocked the same happen >>>> dock forced, cause=“Ship Capacitor Or Hitpoints Too Low” <<<<

The minimizing of windows is normal.

Regarding accepting missions:
Before accepting a mission, the bot will consider properties of the mission as well as configuration.
Configuring the bot accordingly is required to have it accept missions.

A guide on configuration can be found at Eve Online mission running bot