Opensource library API?

Hello, i am new here and from a study standpoint i am looking into your bot. I would like to to write my own derivation build upon your work. I downloaded and tested Sanderling.exe & also compiled it from source only to discover that not everything is opensource. It seems like you are running some sort of paid api. I dont want to pay for closed source service, also i dont like the gui & thought of sending script sources over json api. Is there some lower-level opensource layer of your work ? some library API doing all the wonderful things with EVE memory, that i can use in my application (preferably C) ??

Welcome @kokta!

Yes, there is also the open source implementation at Advanced Do It Yourself Memory Reading In EVE Online, including a guide to illustrate the approach to memory reading in EVE Online.

About your choice of C: I have not tried using C with this library. The library linked above is based on .NET, you can call it from C like other .NET libraries. Since the source code is not too complex, another option is to translate the code to C.