Visual Studio is not working on my machine for some reason. It won’t even install and I’m awaiting the community there to help me with finding a fix.

Meanwhile, ABot undocks and checks modules without probems in nullsec, but he just sits off the undock coasting aimlessly into the unknown.

Launchers are checked. Invul is checked/activated. Then nothing. I’ve double checked with the readme hence coming here now.

is this fixable without VS??

Edit: Fixed the undock issue: Probe scanner was not wide enough to read full anom. Now the issue is, he gets into sites and locks targets, but, doesn’t shoot anything!

Thought: Is the nullsec part of the bot designed solely around using a drone boat? It isn’t running any offensive modules at all …

What is the text output shown in the bot UI?

TLDR: User error fixed previous issue. Bot doesn’t activate L/XL shield boosters. Rattlesnake pilots will get banned as only 2 drones are launched but bot tries to continually launch to achieve 5/5 in space.


I’ve managed to fix the majority of my issues with addressing the client. Whilst the bot think there’s nothing wrong, it is indeed user error happening.

I have found that with the Rattlesnake, the bot continually tries to launch more drones as only 2/5 are in space. This pings the CCP server, so for anyone that doesn’t pay attention, they will be flagged.

Bot does not activate Large/XL shield boosters. I have tried and tested right down into structure and it doesn’t recognise them.


You can change line 79 of Combat.cs to only try to launch if <2 drones are in space (default is set to <5).

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Thank you mate, good to know!! Resolved.