No trial time for sanderling?

I would really love to try this this before buying into it.

Does slandering not give a trial time?

I made a account and it said I have 0 credits to try a bot

Thank you for the feedback.

I like the idea, so I added a trial feature.
You can now use two hours of trial time to run bots in the Sanderling app.

Thank you

I just want to see if I will be able to use it, I can code a little

sorry wil this be in the new app?

or is it already on. Because I don’t see it working it on the new version

The trial works with v2018-07-30
To use the trial feature, simply start a bot in the app.

Will this be an unlimited trial time …

It will work for two hours each time I start the client or only for a maximum of two hours ?

I don’t really use the bot for any real active in game purposes, rather I find it interesting to explore and try new things with it.

Thanks in advance …

Only for a maximum of two hours.

Thanks … that’s more than enough to play around with.