No more drone remain

Unfortunately my Ishtar was shot down.
This is because the drones are sometimes shot down one by one, so in the end, there are no drones left in the drone bay.
The battle started even though there were no more drones left in the drone bay.

The problems with the current Bot-engine are as follows.


  1. Bot-engine does not return the drone to the hangar even if damage comes into my drone.
  2. Bot-engine doesn’t even repair drones.

Ishtar seems to be dead without a drone.

So I suggest the following.

  1. If a drone is attacked, immediately return all drones to the ship’s hangar.
    After my drone is attacked, return all drones to the hangar and take them out again, the NPC will no longer attack my drones.

  2. When the number of drones reaches 5 or less, should be dock and terminate the session.

When there are no more drones in Drone Bay, Bot-engine should be dock the ship and terminate the session.

I don’t want to lose my ship anymore.
Please would be solving this problem.

What about looking at the bars right of the drone in the drone window? Could you see there if a drone is being attacked? If you don’t see it in the drone window, where else would you look?

Could you use the sum of the numbers after “Drones in Bay” and “Drones in Local Space” in the “Drones” window as the “number of drones”?

In case you have not seen it, you can avoid such a risk by testing in a simulation. Simulations let you test your app in any scenario without even starting a game client: