No longer free use of bot?

So i take it you can’t use the bot for free anymore?

Failed to prepare the bot:
You have exhausted your free bot use time. Free use of bots is limited to 120 minutes.
Using a bot costs 16 credits per minute.

It depends on what you contribute.
Contributors can use the new Bot UI for free. Here is what I see on the website at

Contributors receive credits for free.
Did you make a tutorial, shared a bot or contributed in some other form?
You can contact staff on the forum or via email to receive your free BotEngine credits or bot operation key.

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Is this service required new account or i can use login/password from this forum?

Hello Terpla, the forum login does not work there. To use the new bot UI, you need an account at

When you have an account there, let me know so I can add credits to your account.

Hello, Viir. Your system is amazing! I’m writing scripts for this bot and have some wonderful hours for writing. If you want i can send script for Angels anomally on Vexor Navy. But i’m writing this on old version of bot. New with credits…)

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Thank you. :+1:

I do not have a such a use-case myself, but maybe there are other people interested in such script. :thinking:

hello im pretty new trying to setup and use the bot figured i would post here to start contributing any way i can

Does this mean only developers can use the bots &keys? I don’t understand as a user how can I contribute.

I’m looking to use sanderling for eve mining to assist -not for afk mining - on multiple clients/monitors. Would do myself but carpel tunnel says otherwise lol.

I’ve registered an account to get an opkey and want to find out more on how the bot licensing works before I invest more time setting up, playing around with the program etc.

No, there is no such restriction. The bots and keys can be used by everyone. Also, contributions are not limited to developers.