Newbie saying Hi!

Hi all,

I’ve been interested in the idea of being able to AFK-bot rat while playing other games. And on my search i found this forum. It looks like there’s some semi-active regulars on here that could help me as I trail on to my new adventure figuring all this out!

I have done ZERO programming in the past but I feel like this will be a good way to get started, any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

My initial plan will be to start out with something like A-bot or P-bot while I learn and slowly adjust things from there.

Anyway im sure you will see me around here everynow and again.


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Newb here myself, mostly lurking while i sort out how this bot works.

Good luck,


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Maybe with our combined efforts we can make some ground haha

Well, P-bot … I really don’t know what it is :slight_smile:
Anyway, welcome here and if you have questions, ask them.
Have fun at reading a lot of forum posts :slight_smile:


Welcome Wombat! :tada:
When you have questions, ask away!

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I actually just read about the one you made and will definitely try it out!