New to botting. Looking for a VNI bot

Hey everyone!

I have no experience in coding/botting so im looking for a bot that doesnt require a big amount of coding to be done.

Bassically im looking for a VNI ratting bot that can run nullsec anomalies,loot faction wrecks,ignore a site when its occupied by someone else and most importantly work like its supposed to + do all of the normal botting stuff like warp to a safe spot when hostile appear…

Thanks in advance.

take a look on forum, there are couple …

Welcome @Ghost!

Looking at the bot catalog, I see this anomaly ratting bot:

What do you think about that one? Is there some functionality missing for your use case?

Thanks for the bot but when i tried it everything went great until it got an anomaly, the bot kept trying to click on the sun picture next to the current solar system and didnt orbit anything. when i manually set it to orbit an asteroid it relesed the drones and everything started working again, any ideas on what might be happening?

depending on what script you use and what exactly you changed on him, the answer could differ.
Generally speaking there are couple reasons for

presence of corp/ally mates on site;
presence of celestial to avoid ( actually you are in haven gas anomaly);
too many rats on site
a dread/titanic class
checks for bookmark

The bot operation logs could contain more details. You can copy the log from under the ‘Last Events’ caption in the session view at