New Member help mining bot

So i have been reading through the forum, i have to say first of all i am not a coder and most of this is beyond confusing to me. I came here looking for a mining bot, can anyone point me to the latest version and anything i may need to run it. I could be wrong but it seems that i need ‘sanderling’ app to run the bot? or do i jut download a bot and purchase credits and run it as is? Any help would be appreciated.
1)Can someone point to a link for the base program (if there is one)
2)Link to the latest mining bot
3)Link to buy credits and how to apply it

Welcome John :wave:
I see the guides can be improved, thank you for reminding!

You don’t need sanderling app to run a bot.

No need to purchase credits either, you can test bots for free. So you can see the bot working before paying. I updated the website here to clarify this:

Yes there is a base program called botengine.exe, here is the guide on how to register it in Windows:

After you have confirmed the bot works for your scenario, you can use this: FrontendWeb.Main

I have updated the guide for the bot here: