New here.. Is the process free to create a bot? :)

I’m an engineering student who recently got super interested into this! I’d like to know whether the process of creating a bot is free? Or will there be some sort of service/software I need to purchase or subscribe monthly? I’d like to know this before jumping in…

Thank you!

Different people have different processes for creating, so it depends on your process. For example, if you want to collect training data with a session that is longer than 15 minutes, it is no longer free. Free bot-sessions are limited to 15 minutes.
The bot metrics are also only available in the paid version. You can develop without using the bot metrics functionality, so it depends on how much efficiency you want in your development process.
Here is the reference for pricing and the boundary between free and paid use:

I recommend just using only the free functionality until you want to save more time.

I see, thank you for the reply.