New bro

maybe I missed the section to introduce myself, or maybe there is not?

I’m starting from zero in the complex and risky world of mining bot.
The resources will need me uniquely for personal enjoyment.
I have a series of quests to ask and I would already, in advance, thank all those who want to help me enter this world.
The first these to be put is this:
what machine do I need to run from 6 to 8 account?
I refer to a pc deidcated exclusively to this activity: a pc without amenities.
How much processor and ram, which I think are the most important things for a machine that will work with eve clients, should I have? What features will the VGA have? I do not have to play with this PC, but only bot activities.

As for the software, it is not clear to me the experience of the community, which is very fragmented in various forums, I can not focus on if:

is it possible on a single machine to run 6 clients completely automatically and with minimal maintenance (software)?
what is the possibility of being banned?
is the ban also extended to clients / accounts that are not involved in the mining bot but would be the same owner?
and obviously, being new to this activity, who knows how many things escape me.


Welcome @Xmaster_9191

dunno , one capable to run at ease 8 VMware or 8 RDP?
I’m not so oriented to specifications so I offer you a link to discover more:

aaaa I could say Yes and NO in same time. Even on mining on HS or in a completely safe spot; you will need some interaction, control a little your chars etc. You cannot automatic all things.

I know only one forum, The forum;

That depends on luck, being smart, and if the game owners hunt us really serious.

Is normal to miss a lot of things, but to prevent that, you could start reading the entire forum, topic after topic, look on scripts and try Sanderling, and try to make your own scripts completely after your needs

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Welcome Roberso!

You are welcome to introduce yourself here, or in any new thread you create.

I have very little experience with EVE Online, so other people are better to answer questions about that game.

For using multiple instances of the game client at the same time, there is another option besides VMWare and RDP.
You might want to try that too: It will consume less resources than VMWare and offer better isolation than RDP.
This option is calles ‘Windows Sandbox’.
It is relatively new, so there is not a lot of documentation yet, but I think we can take a look at using it for EVE Online.

I’m starting to study the point