New around here!

Hi everyone! stumbled upon sanderling while looking something to easy my way to market trading in eve. I’m a long time player and always live off the market, the thing is, i’ve family now and it cut a lot of my play time with…well parental work :stuck_out_tongue: so, looking for a simple bot to do some auto buy and sell orders (no need to look for items, i can do that at work), Before dipping my toes into sanderling doing my own stuff (and of course, sharing! ) i wanted to ask if there’s any market bot for the framework already working? to avoid doing extra work.

Hello and Welcome!

I don’t know much about market bots, the last one I saw is the one at GitHub - Viir/sanderling-market
I will add the eve-online tag to this thread so people who know about EVE Online can better find it.

Perfect thanks, I’ll add it!. I will start thinkering with the framework today as soon as I get home and share my findings in the forum

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Hey, did you get anywhere with this?
I’m more interested in market bots than others.