Neutral's on local


Well my anomaly bot is always slow to response to neutral on local.

I end up getting caught. There has to be a better way for this bot to speed up the process.

Here is what I did so far.

97- botStepDelayMilliseconds = 100 dropped this number from 1400 to 100 and


anomalyBotDecisionRoot : BotDecisionContext → DecisionPathNode
anomalyBotDecisionRoot context =
anomalyBotDecisionRootBeforeApplyingSettings context
|> EveOnline.AppFrameworkSeparatingMemory.setMillisecondsToNextReadingFromGameBase 50

Seems like still no luck. I would love to hear if someone here mastered running from neuts

Please let me know.

If you reduce the delay, the bot will start too quickly press the button and you may encounter problems with different aspects of the game.
I did not change the delay and the bot normally warps off when neutral appears.
It may be necessary to change the fit of the ship so that the AB does not increase the time to go to warp.
My recommendations are:

  1. Do not run two or more bots on the same system from one PC.
  2. Change the excess AB (for example, 100 AB for Gil) for a smaller one.
  3. Change the bot control from the context menu to hot keys
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Hello Alex,
Thank you for your reply. Could you please provide me some more information about the 3rd recommendation?

Details if possible? Thank you!!!

You can try looking for solutions on the forum. There is even my topic where I was looking for solutions. How to do hotkey in combat bot?

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