Need syntax/operator help

First of all ty for taking the time to help me out.

1. What do you use in the link? (very beginning of the program)
using BotSharp.ToScript.Extension;
using Parse = Sanderling.Parse;
using MemoryStruct = Sanderling.Interface.MemoryStruct;

Do I always just use these three? Also can I import other library’s?

3. Also why do we use var instead of int?

> 4. What is MemoryMeasurement in Sanderling. I see it used everywhere and seems to me it can be used to grab different variables from what the bot can see? (Need some explanation)

I think I found the answer to 4. The MemoryMeasurment is in the development tools and shows you all the windows open on your HUD? Wondering if that is correct.

Ty for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m looking forward to learning this code.

from my script ( garbage)
using System.IO;
using System.Collections.Generic;

we not using always var instead int . When your are not sure what type of data it is , or you take a reading (isk) you transform var in int.
is about situation

you have right: Memory measurement is the entire measurement of memory (eve process). You find there all data’s grouped by window, shipui, hud, etc etc.

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The imports you listed are only needed in case you want to read the EVE Online clients memory.

Here is an example of a popular bot which uses other imports:

Yes, the most interesting library to import is PuppeteerSharp, because it helps controlling the web browser.

Thank you.

Another question I have is if there is a list of all the built in commands in sanderling. For instance, the FirstOrDefault() or ToArray() and what they do?

built in command in sanderling: bot: automate something else : open developement environement
there you can modify the script.
something like here: How To Configure A Bot

this are from c#, so all documentation is here:

different examples are here, also:

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sweet thank you! love your enthuasism for coding. Appreciate the help!